Some people say "Just Games" - Well not quite !

I enjoy playing many games and have had various console controllers modified (by my brother) so that I can play most games, with no hands !

I do feel that whilst they are "just games" there is a therapeutic value.

For example, when playing an adventure game you are the character walking, running, opening doors, running down stairs. All things I cannot do anymore. It may be a virtual world but it somehow feels really quite good. (Has anyone ever done research on this ? I would like to know)

Some computer games offer the same satisfaction. In fact LOTRO and now SWTOR are games that have created absolutely awesome online worlds.

LOTRO Lord of The Rings Online

Character name: CobraHan (Hunter)
Gilrain server
The Last Warders


SWTOR Star Wars The Od Republic

Character name: CobraHan (Republic Jedi Knight, Guardian)
Aho city server
Spectres Guild

To use console controllers requires adaptions but I have never found any commercial companies that do these sort of adaptions. So a big Thank You to my brother for helping with this.

I hope if you are reading this you can get the adaption done if you need it. It is not that technically difficult but requires the ability to use a soldering iron with delicate electronics and a cetain amount of craft skills in mounting the switches. I hope the following pages help and inspire ! (I hope to add better photos/info re wiring sometime)

NOTE: http://www.OneSwitch.org.uk SEE BELOW
A website that offers various switches and adaptions for games etc. with specialised help.

We have added air pressure switches to activate buttons and mount the controllers so I use my chin on the standard joysticks.
These adaptions require opening the controllers and soldering inside which will of course void warranties but it's worth it.

I often beat non disabled people on MarioKart and make a mean opponent on Golden Eye and Halo.

Controller for Playstation One (PS1) click here

I also now have an X Box (December 2002)
The adaption has been done the same way.

X Box 360 wireless done 2010.

Controller for Nintendo 64 (N64)

Buttons on outside still function as normal with pressure switches added.

Wires from switches go into controller and are soldered on to contacts at either side of buttons.


Suck and puff switches -Black tubes and grey units. 3 double units give use of 6 buttons which is quite good for most games. It creates quite a few wires !

Pressure switches are supplied by RS (radio Spares). http://uk.rs-online.com

Low pressure vacuum switch used here. 0.072psi http://uk.rs-online.com/web/0317443.html
Cost around £15.00 $20.00 each

The switch-over switch (small silver toggle) allows a button to be constantly pressed. Easy if using your hands but not if you are using a your breath to activate the switch.This is really needed when racing with Super Mario Kart. It enables the speed button to be constantly on. The puff action then releases the button and allows you to slow down.



Also two actions for each tube. two switches are joined as below

The connection bar has been wired to all buttons inside the controller. The external switches/wires can then be attached to different scew connections. It is a bit awkward to change wires but it does allow different button configiurations to be used. You just need a screwdriver and a steady hand to change the wires but it is really just like wiring a plug really.


My chin control is a cylinder which easily and quickly clamps in the circle area.

Black Velcro holds controller on flat aluminium plate


All graphics (and these web pages) done on an Apple Macintosh using Macromedia FreeHand, Adobe PhotoShop, using the head-start system.


D.I.Y. Suck Puff Switch
D.I.Y. Suck Puff Switch.

This is a rough guide to making a suck/puff switch operate standard switch equipment.

Suck/puff switches (also known as low pressure/vacuum or sip/puff switches) can be obtained from www.rswww.com for around £22 each with 1m of PVC tube (code 317-443). You attach a tube to the front or the back of the switch (in the middle), to give control via either sip to activate, or puff to activate. They are in effect, simple on/off switches, and require no external power.

If you're an absolute beginner, we strongly recommend that you follow "The Basic Soldering Guide" - by Alan Winstanley.

To see suck/puff switches in action, see Mark BB's Nintendo 64 and Playstation controllers.


"Pneumatic switches which are vented both sides of a diaphragm and can thus be used in either pressure, vacuum or differential modes. The single pole contacts remain in the normally open position until the operational differential pressure is reached. As the contact pressure is dependent on the air pressure, the switch rating will be reduced when used at the minimum operating pressures."


1. What you will need: 



suck puff switch

suck puff switch diagram (www.rswww.com)


1x low pressure/vacuum switch (with PVC connecting tube - supplied)
1x 3.5mm mono plug
1x Mounting system to bring to chin

Soldering iron (15 to 30 Watt power); thin solder; soldering flux; desoldering braid; speaker wire (2 wires).

Knife or wire strippers. Tools to make mounting system.


2. Wire and test:



suck puff switch to 3.5mm plug



Connect your speaker wire from the 3.5mm plug to the suck/puff switch.
Connect an appropriate length of PVC tube to the switch and test.

3. Mount and tidy.



suck puff playstation controller


Find a way to position the switch near to the person's mouth safely. Try to keep your wiring as tidy as possible.
Image pictured is of Mark Bosanquet-Bryant's suck/puff Playstation controller.