TIME and TIDE TRUST Yacht Livery design.
for The Time & Tide entry into the
BT Global Challenge

More images of project

photo of Janet I with boat at Southampton

Janet (my wife) and myself at Ocean Village, Southampton with the Time and Tide yacht.
Just having the final graphics added.

All the designs were done using an Apple Macintosh Computer and my headset.

After an initial meeting with the Time & Tide team and skipper James Hatfield I set about creating a new identity for Time & Tide.

I first created a logo design, that was to be used throughout the project.. The design for the boat hull, sails and adapting the design to meet all the needs of all the sponsors required extensive redesigns.

Digital manipulation and scanned images were used to show potential sponsors their artwork on a boat hull that was not even painted yet.

Artwork for T-shirt designs, raffle tickets even spinnaker designs, were all sent by computer disk for final printing of vinyl graphics, clothing, stationery etc.



Text below from a press release 24-MAY-1997

Severely disabled designer, Mark Bosanquet-Bryant completes a full racing livery for the Time and Tide Trust, a BT Global Challenge Yacht. At H.M.S Belfast on the River Thames on Friday 24th May, in the presence of Race organiser Chay Blyth the yacht was launched by Lynn Faulds Wood, TV personality, who has just made a complete recovery from Cancer.

Mark Bosanquet-Bryant 32, from Holland-on-Sea, Essex although paralysed from the neck down due to a spinal injury accident has just completed a commission for the Time & Tide Trust's, entry into the BT Global Challenge, Round-the-World-Yacht-Race. Although Mark could not physically sail on the yacht his brief was to produce the full racing livery design for the Hull, Sails, and crews clothing. The size and specialist nature of the design project, is formidable even for an able bodied person.

Prior to his spinal injury nine years ago Mark was a Military Policeman in the Royal Air Force and also a keen and enthusiastic dingy sailor. Although his swimming accident left him paralysed using a chin control electric wheelchair he has since been building a small yet competative business in graphic design. To further his carreer he has now been attending the School of Art & Design on a BA Degree course in Art & Design at the Colchester Institute, Essex, which he finishes in two years time.

The Time & Tide entry into the BT Global Challenge is designed to promote the many abilities of disabled people. Sailing under the heading of, 'Racing the Latitudes to Change Attitudes'. Time & Tide will be part of Chay Blyths 14 yacht fleet.

The yacht will be skippered by James Hatfield a former restaurateur from Ipswich. James had open heart surgery at a young age and since his recovery he has gone on to win 'Yachtsman of the Year' for his long distance sailing achievements, most notably around the world single handed.

The race starts on the 24th of September 1996, requiring the fleet to race the "wrong way" i.e. against the prevailing winds. Stopping at Rio de Janeiro, Auckland, Sydney, Cape Town and Boston with the finish back in Southampton, it will be a grueling race lasting eight months.

For The Time & Tide entry it is going to be the severest test of ocean racing endurance ever made by a disabled crew.