A montage created for the cover picture of an essay during my Degree course

Do you know the pictures and buildings?

Each I find inspiring to this day. Icons of the early 20th Century.

All work done on an Apple Macintosh using Adobe PhotoShop, with the headstart system.


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TOP LEFT American Gothic

1930 by Grant Wood

Heavily sponsored by the government after Wall Street Crash artists were committed to a romantic vision of America and so paintings were of a more genteel life. Grant Wood a famous regionalist drew inspiration from rural Midwestern life and folklore. His painting 'American Gothic' 1930 is a satirical look at a rural farmer and his wife, just after the Wall Street Crash. Although in the depression it certainly does not have the same anger as other artists.

MIDDLE Swinging

1925 By: Wassily Kandinsky My Favourite Artist

Cubism was crucial to the development of nonobjective, or abstract art. Kandinsky a Russian expressionist painted semi-abstract pictures containing references to nature and music.

Kandinsky started to experiment with colour and pure abstract art in an attempt to find a new expression. Concerned with pure forms such as; the square, the triangle, the cone and lines or planes. His painting ‘Swinging’-1925 shows a style of painting that was truly creative and painted with feelings from within. Also a great musician this painting does show a sense of rythmn with different shapes as instruments, the blue triangle (top right of painting) calling like a trumpet for example.
A theory he continued to work with, and would also to teach at the Bauhaus in Germany.

BOTTOM LEFT The Villa Savoy

1929 The Villa Savoy - France. created by Le Corbusier (a Swiss)

A brave new world of pure design in architecture was developing in domestic architecture. The villa raised upon slender posts (pilotis) to raise all living areas above the ground. Interior space is created freely without large walls and strip windows were capable of filling ceilings and walls with light. The bedrooms leading to a garden on the roof so as to permit outdoor living. His idea for the villa was for it to be seen as a machine for living in. Functional with precision yet aesthetically beautiful with simple form.

Crysler Buikding

1930 By: William Van Alen. What a great building !

Art Deco was the style and theme of decoration that dominated these many great skyscrapers of this period. It served so well to express the American Dream. Although the movement began about 1910, the term Art Deco was not used until 1925, when it was created from the Paris design exhibition, Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes. The Chrysler Building by William Van Alen of 1930 is a fine example.

It was sleek with elegance, sophisticated and had streamlined forms. Using fine engineered chrome arches that could catch the light and were visible from miles away. The glittering surface and sculptural ornament of eagle crests references to Chrysler cars.