My HeadStart is a Head-Controlled Pointing device for Computer Access It is a slim Head Mounted Transmitter and Suck Puff Switch.

This gives Pixel Precise Pointing for precise drawing capabilities. It operates in conjunction with or Replaces the Standard Desktop Mouse.

It can emulate: Apple Macintosh Mouse or IBM Style Mouse.

The Headset sensor replaces the standard desktop computer mouse for people who cannot use their hands.

It is a device that translates the movements of a user's head into directly proportional movements of the computer mouse.

On-screen keyboards provide an image of the keys on the computer display, with key selection made by positioning the mouse pointer over a key. The actual key press is implemented by a suck puff switch.

When these capabilites are combined the Headset can completely replace the functions of normal hand operation.

All of the standard personal computer applications are available to the user who has a disability.

photo of myself working at the computer

The Headset will track the user's head with the user located in any comfortable viewing position relative to the computer display. Resolution of the Headset is sufficient to allow a user to control the mouse pointer down a one pixel displacement. This precision allows a user to perform tasks such as drawing or Computer Aided Design.

The headset can be linked with infra red to allow the user greater freedom when using the heaset. Operating range up to 10 feet

As a point of interest: The headset was not originally designed for disabled people. It was for office workers to improve efficiency. So they could operate a computer hands free and answer telephones etc at the same time. That idea never took off surprisingly! But what a spin off for disabled people.


The designers of the headset I use are based in America. Prentke Romich Company http://www.prentrom.com It was called Headstart

Now sell Headmouse Extreme in the UK that is nearest best replacement.

LIBERATOR UK http://www.liberator.co.uk

Headmouse Extreme http://www.liberator.co.uk/products/computer-access/headpointing

The new headsets cost around £800. It may seem expensive but the freedom it gives a user to operate a computer in my opinion is priceless.

I have used the same heaset since 1987 with no repairs.

I use Apple computers http://www.apple.com/uk

KEYSTROKES On screen keyboard is really good with great prediction and other features. http://www.assistiveware.com/keystrokes.php

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