A simple project I completed to try out painting on the computer.

A family member suggested I try painting as a hobby. Well painting with a brush in mouth is possible but I was not a natural artist. I wasn't before my accident so why should I be now !

I wanted full control over my painting environment. What better place than my computer. Easy to mix colours, edit your paintings and no dry brushes or spilt water. I thought I'd try a paint by numbers.

First scan the blank picture, then the paint pots to create a matching computer colour palette. The results are below, see what you think.

You can click on images for larger version.

Straight forward Paint by numbers
Digital Textures

The second picture 'Digital Textures' seemed a natural progression for a piece of computer artwork.
Try doing that on paper!

All work done on an Apple Macintosh using Adobe PhotoShop, with my headstart system.