6th Form  1981 - 1982
My time there from 1975 - 1982




 'The Butterfly'

Mural we painted on the 6th form common room wall
We being - Paul, Vicky, Dilys, and me (anyone else help?)

Inspired by Barclay James Harvest Album Cover

We left school in 1982 !

Thanks to Friends Reunited and Facebook we now know where some of us ended up !

Always pleased to hear from those who knew me at school.

If anyone can give e-mail, contact info or a possible lead where no info exists I will add to these pages. Oh Happy Days ! ?

I'll add to these pages when I get more info.

Anyone who has pictures or info
they would like to add to these web pages by all means contact me. Mark BB

The Names
Picture memories

Mark (Reggie) Bosanquet-Bryant



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