20th March 2006 European Championship
Info here

1st March 2006 Sabertooth have ceased all support for LOTR TMG
Forums for discussion now at Laurhidil Fansite - French based website also in English.

19 January 2006
New 3D scenery By Beorn See his scenery

16 January 2006
European Championship Sunday 5 March 2006

The site under construction but the main information is available at :

NOTICE : Specials rule used for the event: we ignore red lines when archery is played on a hill : Shooting on 5 and 6 always allowed (not only 6)
Regards, Grégory

7 July 2005
First glance of Mordor Troll pic here

Nazgul on Fell Beast box pic here

Final Production 15 June 2005
Sabertooth has announced the that The Return of the King will be the final release for The Lord of The Rings TMG game. This should be in December 2005

Not such bad news in my opinion. Now you can collect figures with an end in sight and then concentrate on selecting your favourite armies and playing the game.
Official statement here

Preminum Line 2005 releases 16 March 2005

The Mordor Trolls and Fell Beast are due out in July followed by the Return of the King expansion later in the summer.

Sabertooth may have a new game for release spring of 2006. If based on a GW license, it could be for LOTR fans. A hobbitt game maybe ? It is rumoured to be a very big release and something for fans to keep an eye out for. Watch this space !

23 Feb 2005

People are asking what the meaning of the sign on the POTD die is. There is no official answer yet.


Here is my possible suggestion.

The word isildur in Elvish chopped and manipulated.

Let me know what you think.

Regards, Mark BB


More about dice

20 Feb 2005
3D Scenery updated
Check it out
and some new pictures from Peter Duguay with a playing area representing the mines of Moria.
18 Feb 2005
Paths of The Dead
For those who have not collected all of the POD figures yet (including me !)
All the stats here and some pics

2 Feb 2005
Latest Tournament rules
Download them here (pdf format)

2 Feb 2005
Upcoming releases from Sabertooth,
Attack Troll, Paths of The Dead and Fell Beasts.
See them here

24 Jan 2005
Some more great scenery and troll conversions,
by Mark Towler in UK.
See them here

25 Jan 2005
Paths of the Dead are scheduled for February 2005
Oathbreaker pic here

22 Dec 2004

Some Two Towers Pics
Warg Rider
Gandalf on Shadowfax
Rider of Rohan
Galadhrim Bowman
Warg Riders Nazgul
Warg Rider Champion

Two Towers Dice

19 December 2004
Two Towers stats uploaded
see them here Under 'Boosters'

26 November 2004
The Two Towers Expansion.

The expansion is now expected early December!

Also special Dice Pack and Balrog.

Return of the King and several unannounced Lord of the Rings Tradable Miniature Game products set for release 2005

November 11 2004
Discussion forum set up for UK/ Europe gamers. Free to join, Discuss all aspects of Lord of The Rings Miniatures Gaming. Upload your own files pics etc, etc.

October 2004
The Two Towers Expansion.

Unfortunately the expansion is postponed to January, as explained today by Sabertooth.

"The release of Two Towers has unfortunately been pushed to January due to a production problem. The proofs provided by the manufacturer in China did not match the production test figures that were coming off the line. The plastic strength differed, causing serious issues with the exciting new cavalry figures introduced in the set.
Sabertooth refused to release a inferior product and opted to delay the release, and assure you get the high quality figures that you have come to expect from us. We do apologize for this unforeseeable delay and any inconvenience it has caused".

Sabertooth Games

Return of the King and several unannounced Lord of the Rings Tradable Miniature Game products set for release 2005

16 Sept 2004
Prize / Participation Figures

9 Sept 2004
3D scenery by
Mark Towler

30 Aug 04
3D scenery by
Christopher Nahler

September 2004
Weather Rules introduced to add variation to your games.
Scenario / rules variant.

Pics from Gencon 2004. Provided by Dan Massek,
Super sharp Treebeard and another Balrog Dans pics ENJOY !

Pics from Gencon 2004. Provided by Ken McCoy, aka KennKong at STG
Lots of KennKong pics ENJOY !

Pics from Gencon 2004. Provided by Christopher James aka Red Ranger of Rhudaur at STG
Red Ranger of Rhudaur pics ENJOY !

Bridge Map from Mapset 1 in 3D
Bridge map

Two Towers Map from Mapset 1 in 3D
Two Towers map

Any comments ?