This is a great way to enjoy being part of the epic story of Lord of The Rings.

Take control of the forces in Middle-Earth

Great heroes lead their forces into battle against the oncoming hordes. And you are at the center of it all!

Take command of your warriors with The Lord of the Rings TMG – Many individual minion warriors with Fellowship heroes like Aragorn and Gandalf to the Evil forces of Saruman, Lurtz, and of course the Ringwraiths and Sauron.

The rules are simple and contained on a few pages, no thick books.

The intuitive Combat Hex(TM) game system makes battling for Middle-earth fun, fast-paced and easy to learn. With all the information you need to play printed on the base of each figure.

With special abilities like 'arrow flurry', 'fast strike' and more your strategy and tactics can be harder to master !

Booster packs allow you to collect your favourite figures, build armies of Elves, Gondorian Warriors, Orcs, Moria Goblins and many more. You can also trade figures with friends to build a complete set or favourite army.

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