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Mapset 1 This Map Pack contains Two double sided maps (17x17 hexes)
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Mapset 2 This Map Pack contains Two double sided maps (17x17 hexes)
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Blank 17 x 17 hex grid. Black with transparent background GIF File 196 k
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Balins Tomb Map by TMG Fan Eric Garrigan see it here

Gollum's Pond A map by Mark Bosanquet-Bryant (Your webmaster for this site)
I just had to create my own map. This is the first attempt, March 2004 to standard size 17 x 17 hex format

Created using PhotoShop with many layers and mostly original artwork with a few clip art files for textures as a start. Printed out on inkjet and sheets cut and taped with double-sided tape.

Note: There are areas where 'Sneak' can be used and a player can then remain safe, they are not impassable hexes only impassable borders to clear hexes. (Imagine hidden in a cave) Also two areas of elevated terrain that can be reached with normal movement cost from a certain direction. (Imagine; a means of retreat up a shallow slope)

Pictures of actual map in use.

Medium version: 20cm x 23cm (approx 100k) Medium Gollum's Pond

Actual Size Map: 61cm x 71cm.(848 K) Gollum's Pond actual size map
This is a highly compressed JPEG but loses minimal detail (848 K Will take just a few minutes to dowload with a 56 K modem)

The original file is 29 MB with 11 layers.

If you want to print out any of the above for personal use that is fine. Let me know how it plays !

Any comments ?