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Combat Hex(TM), the revolutionary new gaming system from Sabertooth Games, is designed to put you in control of your forces. By putting the information right onto the bases of the figures, Combat Hex lets you ditch the reading material and get right into playing the game. It's all about fun, fast-paced, easy-to-learn game play!

In the Combat Hex(TM) system, we use sliders *(see update) to track the variable game information such as Wounds or Action Points in our The Lord of the Rings(TM) Tradable Miniatures Game. These sliders allow you to not only know how your model is doing with a glance at the numbers on the slider - printed with ease of visibility in mind - but also to be able to adjust your figure's stats without ever having to pick up the figure from where it is. This means you'll have less confusion over where the figures were in the heat of combat!

We also help alleviate this problem by using a hex map for the play board. A map means that its very easy to be able to see exactly how far a figure can move - you don't have to bother with guessing on eighths of inches or how a figure might shift through handling - as well as making it very clear exactly where your figure is facing. By making all this more straightforward, we have created a game that runs smoothly and quickly.

These choices have also created a game system that not only works well for casual play, but also for highly competitive tournament play. Tournament games will run smoother without the regular confusion of measurement errors and facing issues. And with the game still running quite fast, tournament rounds can be kept at 45 minutes or less!

With 40mm sculpts with amazing detail and great paintjobs, Combat Hex(TM) games truly come alive as you're playing. We've also made each version of the figures stand out visually - at a glance you can tell which version they're playing so you can be prepared for the battle ahead!

As of approx July 2004 dials have replaced sliders during manufacture. All figures after the base set will use dials.

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