Contents carefully checked complete and bagged. All in good condition. No box. A great chance to own this rare Heroquest Expansion Set.


£ 30.00 Un-boxed

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MB Games 1991 developed with Games Workshop


16 Finely detailed Citadel Miniatures featuring:

4 new Evil Sorcerer Figures

12 Men-at-Arms Figures
24 Weapons

1 Magic Reference Chart
3 Magical Barrier pieces (Stone, Fire and Ice)
1 Earthquake Tile
1 Lightning Bolt Tile
4 Breached Walls
1 Cloak of Shadows Tile
4 Fireburst Tokens
6 Blocked Square Markers
24 Evil Sorcerer Spell Cards
9 new Wizard and Elf Spell Cards
23 Men-at-Arms Cards
8 new Treasure Cards

Code 4231GB691

Wizards Of Morcar is an add-on for the excellent Heroquest game.

Wizards of Morcar introduces two new elements to the Heroquest game.

Firstly, this add-on pack gives the Evil Wizard four Evil Sorcerers, each of whom have their own new spell cards which will be used against the Hero players.

Secondly, to make sure that the Heroes can put up an effective resistance against these awesome new spells, the pack introduces Men-At-Arms - warriors who will join the Heroes on their Quests for a share of the spoils.