HeroQuest Return of The Witch Lord 100% BOXED

Figures complete unpainted. Box a little worn/squashed.
A great chance to own this great Expansion Set. Also available unboxed.


£ 17.00 Boxed
£ 12.00 Un-boxed

Including UK postage

MB Games 1989 developed with Games Workshop


A Quest book with ten new adventures

16 Finely crafted Citadel Miniatures

(4 Zombies

8 Skeletons

4 Mummies)

New full colour game board overlays.

Excellent add-on for use with the Heroquest or Heroquest-Advanced Quest game.

"The Witch Lord lives. His foul sorcery has protected him from the power of the Spirit Blade. We must move fast if we are to stop him from raising the Legion of the Damned."