Sold out but many loose spares for HeroQuest games.

All instructions etc in English. Expansion pack for the Heroquest Game
Contents good condition, checked and bagged.
Citadel Miniatures are especially appealing - large, fat and ugly!


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1990 Games Workshop / MB Games.

The Northern Borderlands lie ruined! A vast horde of Ogres has swept through the land destroying all who oppose them. Their physical might is awesome. In battle few can stand against them. The Empire has need of you, for you alone can stop the Ogre Horde...


7 Finely detailed Citadel Miniatures featuring:

4 Ogre Warriors, 1 Ogre Chieftain, 1 Ogre Champion and 1 Ogre Lord.

1 Quest Book containing new rules and 7 new quests.

1 New overground starting tile

2 New double-sided room tiles

15 Chaos Spell tokens

4 Stone Doorways

4 Pit of Darkness tokens

6 Fallen Rubble tokens

4 Secret Door tokens

1 Ogre Throne

Box still nice and bright but a little squashed at one end with some tears at end.