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Huge amount of components. Carefully Checked and Bagged.
Contents in Excellent Condition. Citadel figures unpainted.

Box in good condition, with some minor wear.

BONUS QUESTS from editions of White Dwarf.
The Priests of Pleasure, The Dark Beneath The World. These are photocopies but a great addition to the game.


61 Page Rule Book - Includes Full Rules for Solo play.

36 x Detailed Citadel Miniatures (Warrior, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard, 20 Skaven, 12 Henchman)

6 x Plastic Doors
2 x Dice (12 Sided)
4 x Map Cards

32 x Monster Wound Counters

24 x Dungeon Counters (4 each of Escape, Fate, Character, Ambush, Trap, Wandering Monster)

14 x Character Monster Counters (8 Blue, 6 Yellow)
1 x Shattered Amulet (4 Pieces)
1 x Advanced Heroquest Spine

Dungeon Sections:-

15 x Passages
21 x Jigsaw Pieces (T Junctions, corners)
1 x Chasm
2 x Pits
1 x Trapdoor
1 x Grate
2 x Portcullis

3 x Dead Ends
2 x Stairs
3 x Large Rooms
6 x Small Rooms
1 x Revolving Room
1 x Throne
1 x Rope Bridge
2 x Treasure Chests
2 x Fireball Stars
1 x Magic Circle
1 x Pool

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Heroic roleplay set in the Warhammer World. Advanced Heroquest is a complete roleplay system for use with Cidadel Minatures. Includes a full campaign system that allows your characters to improve between adventures. Contains rules for using components and characters from Heroquest game although Advanced Heroquest is a complete game in its own right and possession of Heroquest is not required.