In very good condition. Some wear an scuffs to box but intact.

The Ultimate Struggle between humanity and the alien hordes of the Tyranids! Explore the immense living bio-contruct ships of Hive Fleet Kraken and the Intestinal labyrinths within, and do battle with the terrifying warriors of the Hive Mind !

Advanced Space Crusade has been designed so you can use many of the Warhammer 40,000 models. Marine player's can include Imperial Guard Troopers, Space Marines, and Terminators. Tyranid player can use any of the monstrous bio-constructed creatures, including Genestealers, Zoats, also Orks and Eldar and the renegade Chaos Warriors.

Code 0191

Lots of pieces still unpunched, not sure if 100% complete but many pieces.

I have included spare bits of Tyranids as some are in need of repair, Space Marine Scouts have a few casualties, mostly good.

Board pieces are in nice clean condition.

Rulebook complete.

Contents include:

Citadel Miniatures comprising;

Tyranid Warriors, Space Marine

Interlocking, Colour Board Section, Overlays Representing The Tyranid Ship's Vital Organs
Marine Player's Strategic Display
Tyranid Player's Hive Network
Hidden Set-Up Counters And Tiles
Weapon Markers And Area Effect Templates
Doors And Bases
Exploration Cards
Marine Force Counters
Alien Blips

Copyright: Games Workshop 1990


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£55.00 including UK Post. Overseas please ask.