TITAN Guide to Fighting Fantasy Planet

The Ultimate Guide to the Fighting Fantasy Planet.
No adventurer should be without it! Packed full of invaluable information .

This 302-page paperback is in good condition with just a few scuffs
and light creases on corners through use.
Nice bright cover picture and clean pages inside. Just one small inch size tear on inside page.




Steve Jackson and
Ian Livingstone present:

Edited by:
Marc Gascoigne

Illustrated by John Sibbick.

Direct your friends in exciting Fighting Fantasy adventures.

1989 Puffin Books

1st Edition !

ISBN 014 03 4132 3

Make sure you are armed with a copy.

* Detailed descriptions and maps of Titan's three main continents

* All the gods, deities, and demons.

* The forces-and races- of good and evil.

* Special expanded Hierarchy of the pit section.

* The underwater kingdoms

* The Titan calendar

* Fascinating background information on everyday life: taverns and hostelries, food, clothes ... even jokes!