DAVID GEMMELL – ‘Britains King of Heroic Fantasy’

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Legend book Published by Arrow Books Limited.

LEGEND – The Drenai Saga. 1988 Paperback
‘Has pace, conviction and gritty resolute vitality…The result is a book that will be enjoyed by Tolkien fans’

WAYLANDER – The Drenai Saga. 1991 Paperback.

QUEST FOR LOST HEROES – His New Drenai Novel. 1990. Paperback.

KNIGHTS OF DARK RENOWN – 1989Paperback. A spellbinding new world.
‘A sharp distinctive medieval fantasy. Dramatic, colourful, taut’

THE LAST GUARDIAN – 1990 Paperback. A New Jon Shannow Adventure.
‘Detailed characters and fantastic adventures… Gemmell ventures some subtle points about the way evil works’.

WOLF IN SHADOW – 1991 Paperback. The Sipstrassi Tales 1.
‘Noted British writer Gemmell … keeps the mythic currents crackling around and through his emblematic characters’

LAST SWORD OF POWER – 1988 Paperback. The Sipstrassi Tales 3.
‘Then comes a man called Revelation, seeking a child born of a demon… seeking the legendary lord of the lance…. Seeking the sword to save the realm.”

MORNING STAR – 1992 Paperback.
‘Sorcery, sword play and dark necromancy combine in this stunning novel’.

LION OF MACEDON – 1990 Large Paperback
Inscription in ink on first page, a few pages have folded corners. Still good condition, just no excellent as others.
‘The first volume of an epic fantasy set in the glory days of Ancient Greece…’