1976 TANK BATTLE MB GAMES £ 10.00 + Postage
SORRY SOLD OUT Game for spares only
(no instructions some pieces missing, 2 beige tanks incomplete,), if interested £5.00 + post

This great game is in good condition
Playing board with good clean artwork. Box is in fairly good condition just a bit scuffed,

Two players
Age 8 - Adult


Game board

Two plotting grids

14 Red and 14 White Pegs

1 - 6 card numbers in two colours

One 6 sided die

Instruction sheet

12 Tanks (6 beige, 6 dark grey)

2 sets installations (Headquarters Tent, Ammunition Dump, Fuel Dump)

2 sets Anit tank guns in two colours (5 each set)

4 flags ( 2 each colour) should be 12 (6 each colour)

Use military tactics to outwit and defeat your enemy.

Lay your minefields...position your anti-tank guns...deploy your armour.

Plot your shots...advance, retire or turn to a flank. FIRE! Enemy tank destroyed!




But now it's your turn to face the guns.

Can you read the enemy's mind? A cunning commander will evade the attack...