BUCKS ROGERS - Battle for the 25th Century Game
Second hand game carefully checked 100% complete. Huge amount of pieces counted and bagged. TSR 1988.

Large 55cm x 31cm heavy boxed game but note price includes UK postage.


£ 45.00

inc. UK postage


Over 360 plastic playing pieces

54 playing cards

1 large 91 cm x 54cm gameboard, folds in 3.

2 Rule books

200 heavy cardboard counters

50 plastic chips

5 10-sided dice

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The fate of the solar system is in your hands...
It is the 25th century. A fierce war of colonization and conquest has thrown the inner planets of our solar system into disarray. Warships scream across the blackness of space, cutting swaths of destruction from Mercury to the Asteroid Belt, while humans and Gennies - genetically engineered warriors - battle for the crater-pocked surfaces of the planets and their moons. Powerful leaders fight to turn the tide of battle. Some, like Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering, and Doc Huer seek to free the Solar System from those bent on conquest. Then, there are the would-be conquerors, Killer Kane and Ardala. And out in the Asteroids are the space pirates, led by Black Barney. In the Buck Rogers, Battle for the 25th Century Game, you take the role of one of these renowned leaders. You create and command the space armadas and armies. You make alliances... and break them. You fight the battle to free, or enslave, the inner planets. What does the future hold? Only you can decide!