DRAGON POTTERY - Made in Rhyader Wales A Little History

A selection of the many Dragon Pottery (and Dee Cee) items we have collected over the years. Ranging from the extremely popular green banded colours to the rarer blues, black and scrafiti designs plus rarer items.

We have over 300 items which I may get to listing one day, but for the moment here is a selection.

All pieces in great condition unless stated otherwise.





1 Large Flower Pot Standard Stripes SOLD
2 Thistle Vase £10.00
3 Hive Table Lamp No electrical Fixing/wiring SOLD
4 Thistle Vase £20.00 Unusual Striped Design
5 Straight Vase £10.00
6 Medium Flower Pot £10.00
7 Medium Flower Pot Brown Stripes SOLD
8 Medium goblet SOLD
9 Small Salt and Pepper £14.00 Detailed Design
10 Storage Jar £8.00 Standard Stripes
11 Medium Jug Standard Stripes SOLD
12 Pair small Posy Vases Detailed Leaf Design -Scrafiti SOLD
13 Flower Pot £15.00
14 Vinegar Jar Detailed Design - Scrafiti SOLD
15 Butter Dish Detailed Design - Scrafiti SOLD
16 Small Condiment Jar £10.00
17 Medium Preserve Jar £10.00 Detailed Design - Scrafiti
18 Fluted Ash Tray £10.00
19 Shallow Dish £10.00

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A Little History

Dragon Pottery was established around 1950's by Mr & Mrs Cornish who set up business in the beautiful Elan Valley at Rhayader, Wales. They successfully ran Dragon Pottery until they closed (due to retirement we believe) around 1980.

The beautiful mix of earthy greens, browns and yellows used on many of their pieces always reminds me of the lush Welsh countryside.

Many pieces are decorated by hand with scraffiti design and some unusual pieces exist. Colours being black, blue also orange and black together.

Some new pieces were still available from the gift shop in Rhayder which was run by Mrs Cornish. (as of 2002)