Like most collections, from time to time, you have to sell some of your collection !

So welcome to our website where we are offering our collectables for sale.
I say our; and that means my wife Janet and myself Mark. (JamTanker?)

All our items are carefully checked and the descriptions of items offered in good faith, with photos when possible to show the actual items.

Janet is the pottery and ceramics collector. Particularly

My game interests are:

The above stems from a deep passion for all things...

Items on this website are offered for sale at what we consider to be a fair price, but we will sometimes negotiate special reductions !

From time to time we sell items on the E-Bay auction site where you can bid on a world stage for our collectables.

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Postage is kept to a minimum and items carefully packed. MORE ABOUT POSTAGE
If you have any questions then please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Mark - mark@jamtanker.co.uk

Janet - janet@jamtanker.co.uk
(For all Welsh Dragon Pottery, Toni Raymond, Ceramics, Needlework etc.)