Original water colours cards by Carol Paterson.

Here we have a selection of cards from Carol Paterson.  She paints mainly in watercolour but her subjects range far and wide.

Her Top tips are:

"I always use Artist quality paints because I want the lovely colours to stay true and lightfast especially if the cards are displayed in shop window in full sunlight.

I also use Bockingford 300gsm or 425gsm. NOT surface as I think the textured surface gives the painting an extra dimension. To enable small detail on a textured surface,

I find the brush I use is crucial. Contrary to what one might expect, a small fine brush does not necessarily produce the best results on textured surfaces. In fact all of my cards are painted with a quite a large brush. The secret is in the make and type of brush.  I use a Pro Arte No.8 round series 101 Prolene.

Any questions just email her at carol@clactoncrafts.co.uk and she will try to help.

Most of all,enjoy your painting !


Artist and entrepreneur Roy Thompson founded Pro Arte in 1973 with an ambition to make and sell the best brushes in the world. Thanks to the subsequent help of his son, Peter, he has, by wide aclaim today, Natural hair, particularly sable, is subject to the habitat and climatic environment in which the animal lives. As this varies, so does the ability to produce the best brush products. Driven by such disappointing inconsistency, 30 years ago Pro Arte investigated sythetic alternatives.

After painstaking Research and Development they came up with a breakthrough using a polyester filament. It changed brushmaking forever and Pro Arte distinguished this new brush with a black handle, tipped it with gold and named it Prolene.

It was, and still is, exciting to be able to mimic the characteristics of pure sable with its wonderful spring and colour holding power. The illusion continues when you look at the sable coloured filament but ends happily when you find they cost far less and last much longer. 

When you look at the brush closely you see a small extension of filament at the tip.  The brush works in such a way that the fat part of the brush absorbs plenty of paint and does not flex too much, the paint then filters down to the very small extended tip allowing minute detail to be painted.  We stock these brushes in the shop.

"In the Autumn I will be running some classes where you will be able to paint along with me trying out the Pro Art Prolene brush and produce your own unique watercolour cards."


"Late Afternoon"

"Waiting for Spring"